Philip J. Leitch

I am an unemployed graphic and web designer, html and css maker, creative marketer, and collector of vinyl records. I have been a creative director, email development guru, underground zine publisher, punk rock band member, and am currently a purveyor of online job listings.

Being unemployed makes it very hard to collect records. So I am now accepting invitations to work for creatively cool places of employment.

Things I Can Do

HTML5/CSS3, Web design, Web standards, mobile design/development, print design/production, Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, user interface design, user centered design, user driven development, roller skate, user experience, organic and paid SEO development, Google Analytics, content management software, online ad serving, email marketing, ExpressionEngine, WordPress, Microsoft Office, some JavaScript/jQuery/PHP

8 Years Working Remote (The Dogs Love Me)

But I also love to work with others, solving problems together. Creatively.

Jobs I've Had