cutting the cord

shortly i will be cutting the cord. good bye directv.

we now watch the majority of our television via Netflix, Amazon and sometimes Hulu. what little we do watch that isn’t available the antenna on our roof we’ll save money buying them than paying for directv. even after buying 2 TiVo’s AND a slingbox (to throw on my mom’s tv just in case I need to watch Chris Hayes or a Twins game) we’ll still come out ahead on the money side.

the slingbox seems like a bit of a cop out but we had decided to do this prior to the boston bombings. it was then i realized that the next time something was happening in the world i wouldn’t be able to get my 24hr news fix. so hello slingbox.


who does this?

some cruel waste of a human dragged this poor dog behind their car and left him to die. i read the story while donating plasma this morning so i donated my cash for the day. lucky for Freckles today was a $50 donation.

wish i could give 10x that. 100x. 1000x. if i ever win the lottery I’m starting a dog rescue ranch. fuck that, animal rescue. all animals.



i am off to vote. can’t wait to get my sticker.


28 days

i can’t believe how easy it has been to stop drinking soda. or more specifically mountain dew. but it was easy. i don’t even think about soda.

i’m convinced it comes down to willpower. now i need to find out if you need the same amount of willpower to do other things. my wife still drinks soda so there is soda in the house but i have no interest. she made cookies a few days ago though and i have zero self-control with those around.

maybe i didn’t try hard enough. or maybe they were just fucking delicious.


Dave Smalley - Circles

i finally got around to listening to this today, a preview of his kickstarter campaign that i got by backing it.

i like it. quite good. of course i love dag nasty to pieces. i lived in DC at that time and i tried to never miss a show. in fact i lucked out and saw their first show shortly after moving there.

can’t wait to hear the rest of the ep.



it has been 10 days since my last can of soda. i feel great.

going cold turkey is best for me i have found when quitting something. trying to slowly wean myself off, that doesn’t work so well.


my finger vs battleship

yesterday i sliced open the tip of a finger pretty good. nice deep cut. last night i went to see battleship with a friend.

i’m not sure which was worse, the injury or the movie.


new site. new words.

i was going to copy all the posts from to my new home here.

instead i think i will leave them there, everything but the farchives. those are coming with me.



i am moving from to exciting.

two reasons. 1. i like this domain better. 2. through stupidity i couldn’t login to my other site anymore. long story and i won’t bore you. i’m working on moving everything over to the new site via cut/paste.

so yeah.